July 21, 2015

The Trents on Wheels

[part of the Tuesday for Travel blog series – reviews, recommendations, and stories based on our travels and excursions]

We love to travel and experience new things.  Even more than that, we love to try new restaurants.  This series will document some of our favorite travel destinations, restaurants, date nights, and fun kids activities.

First up, Virginia Beach.  We go to Virginia Beach each year with Chris’ parents and enjoy a week of sun, sand, and mostly FOOD.  We love all things crab, sushi, and delicious.  This year with a 4 and 2 year old, we deviated from our usual restaurant/bar hopping evenings and spent most of our time along Beach Street USA instead.  If you’ve never seen this, it is pretty neat.  All along Atlantic Avenue different acts are set up – magic shows, circuses, music, and more.  We spent several evenings strolling along the street and stopping to watch shows.  The kids liked the magic shows most!  Best of all, everything is free!

We dedicated most of our trip to well spent family time, so the camera had a bit of a break.  Below are a few moments I did manage to catch.

Chris has been reliving his childhood days of biking up and down the boardwalk.  With a dedicated bike road beside the boardwalk, biking has become quite popular and we’ve been checking out cruiser bikes each year.  We finally took the plunge this year when we decided the boys should get bikes for their June birthdays.  All four Trents came to the beach armed with a shiny new bike this year!  Best of all, Chris and I put child seats on our bikes so that we could ride together as a family, which we all really enjoyed.  On our last morning, we woke up before the sun and rode to the park.  Chris and I watched the sunrise while the kiddos played.




Before we left, a sweet lady on the boardwalk volunteered to snap a photo of all four of us – thanks to her!


The boys ready to enjoy a blue crab boil…they enjoy “hammering” the claws most of all!


One of our favorite stops each year is Sunday Brunch at Rockafeller’s Restaurant off of Rudee Inlet.  We love the feel of this place and enjoy watching the boats in the inlet.  While I didn’t get any food photos this year, out favorite dishes are the seafood omelets, skillet combos, shrimp and grits, and most of all, delicious oysters rockafeller (best enjoyed with a mimosa, of course 🙂 ).  The boys were nice enough to let me snap a few pictures before leaving.


We had a wonderful and relaxing trip!  If you ever need restaurant suggestions for a Virginia Beach trip, leave a comment!

– Nikki



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