October 5, 2015

Get on Their Level

[part of the Monday for Moms blog series – small tips and tricks that will make big changes in photos of your children]

I’ve already written about getting close to your kids and eliminating background distractions to improve images of your children.  Another important technique is to get down on their level.  When I photograph kids, I often kneel, sit, or squat in front of them so that my camera is at the same height as the child’s eyes.  For little babies or kids laying on the ground/floor, I’ll sometimes even sprawl out on my own stomach!  Hey, whatever it takes to get the shot, right? 😉

When we get on the same level as a child we are less intimidating as adults and we can speak (and be heard) more easily.  Gaining a child’s attention is sometimes the hardest part of the task!

Most importantly, we can better see facial details when we are on the same level as our subject.  They aren’t craning their necks to look upward at us, and we get an undistorted view of their precious faces.

In the spirit of Halloween, here are a few of my favorite examples. 🙂

My favorite little Batman from Halloween 2014.  How much a year changes!

charlottesville photographer

Batman + Superman

charlottesville photographer

Na na na na na na na na Batman! Ready for some trick-or-treat action.  🙂

charlottesville photographer

Not Halloween, but still a great example of getting on their level.

charlottesville photographer

Happy shooting! 🙂

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– Nikki

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