August 14, 2019

Austin Family Lifestyle Photos in Luray, VA

Miss C is another year older! I have loved watching her grow and change. This time, it is especially sweet because her parents are our long time friends.

Isn’t their family farm a picturesque background? I just love the mountain surround and the hay filled barn. The light leaks through the gaps in the boards on the walls make my heart happy!

If you’ve ever wondered how we get toddlers to participate and look so happy in family sessions, I’ll give you some insider tips. First, I usually sweat, a lot. I’m always ready to chase around a little one and never force a certain pose or background if the kid isn’t feeling it. I’ll suggest something and then quickly move on if it isn’t well received. It’s better to skip an idea altogether than to upset a toddler!

Next, we (meaning me and the parents) typically look and sound pretty crazy. There’s dancing, singing, silly faces, you name it – if it will make a kid laugh, we’ll do it! Lifestyle sessions are a bit different in that we are TRYING to capture real interactions. That means we’re playing and having fun rather than sitting or standing still and saying “cheese”. No child wants to be still for long, so the fact that these sessions encourage movement and play are an automatic plus for keeping kids entertained and happy. If we’re able to get a photo of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, that’s icing on the cake.

So, finally, on to the pictures!



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