January 12, 2016

Trash and Treasure

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New Year’s Resolutions.



You know, that “all things new” and spectacular guise we place on ourselves year. after. year.

Today I’m breaking free of the Pinterest pretty act because, NO, we don’t all run perfect homes with well mannered children armed with homemade snowman decorated treats to share with their classmates at snack time.  We aren’t all able to keep well manicured homes with decor straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine.  We just can’t do it all!  We also probably can’t stick to the unrealistic expectations we set on ourselves each year to be a Pinterest worthy wife, mother, and business owner.

The good news is that we CAN choose an area in our life that is causing hardship and tackle that.  Making small improvements here and there can contribute to a landslide of good in our everyday lives.

So here’s my very ugly confession that my husband will be oh so happy to hear – he’s only been telling me this for years!! 🙂

I am a hoarder.  Not in the TLC afternoon special kind of way – our home isn’t dangerously stacked with piles of stuff – but in the way that everything could be used for something and who wants to get rid of stuff you might need next week?  I get it honest.  I come from a long line of “savers”.  Almost every Halloween or school play costume I ever wore came straight from either my mom or grandmother’s closet.  Between the two of them they seriously have everything.  All well organized and pretty – but just so. much. stuff.  That coupled with my inner elementary school teacher soul is a nightmare.  Every used coffee can or peanut butter container screams “PICK ME! KEEP ME! USE ME!” but here’s the truth of the matter – I’ll NEVER have time for all of those homemade teaching game ideas (again – darn Pinterest!).  I’ll never need 1/4 of the things I’ve accumulated thinking, “Maybe I could use this to….” or “This might be good for…”.  All it does is collect dust in boxes in my attic or take up useful storage space that could be much more functional in my home.  More than that, it gives me an antsy soul.  Creeps up on me during my most treasured times.  Creates a to-do list tally longer than minutes in a day.  The excess “stuff” within the four walls of my home only serves to clutter my mind with meaningless tasks and useless goals.  My children would much rather play a *GASP* store bought game with me than experience me stress over the desire to make them something neat I found on the internet.  And really, if I haven’t used that kitchen gadget in at least two years I don’t need to keep it.

So here’s the real un-pretty.   The dig-down-deep-hurts-to-share-this honest truth. THIS is what my office looks like right now.

messy office 1

Not appealing to the eye and certainly not Pinterest worthy!  But, all that clutter and mess is the just the inner beauty of the process.  The actual clearing out, getting rid of stuff.  The stacks of things that will soon be leaving my home and heart forever. Hallelujah!  (ps- those Crayola crayon art containers the boys got as Christmas gifts aren’t a part of the junk – they are just supposed to belong in this room…somewhere…)

The time I’ve wasted saving, feebly attempting to organize and keep tidy, and stressing over unimportant things will be put to better use.  My biggest treasure – those I love – will gladly fill and make those hours joyous.

So I challenge you to begin to tackle the clutter in your life today – literal, emotional, or otherwise.  Toss out the things that are weighing you down, holding you back, and taking precious time away from the things you love most.

Let’s get rid of the trash to make more room for treasure.

This year, may my photos be Pinterest worthy, and may I give myself grace when other areas of my life are not.



  1. Lori Trent says:

    Way to go! I’m making some progress, too, even if it is baby steps!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m doing the same thing girl!! If only I could everyone else in this house to do the same! But it WILL happen! Every time I take a bag to goodwill I feel relief!

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