May 8, 2017

Showcasing Family

[part of the Monday for Moms blog series – small tips and tricks that will make big changes in photos of your children, parenting, or life]

It’s no secret that I think photos are really important to the family unit. Aside from documenting life and preserving memories, pictures are actually a great way to boost kids’ self esteem! (more on that here)  One key point that we often miss out on, though, is actually displaying those pictures where we can see them.  Not just posting to social media. Not just saving to our phone or computer’s hard drive – but actually PRINTING out those suckers and laying eyes on them each day.

When decorating with pictures, people often choose small print sizes – 5 x 7, 8 x 10, but in reality the bigger, the better.  A good rule of thumb is that a face in an image displayed on the wall should be around the size of a fist.  How many pieces do you have in your home that actually follow that rule? Ditch those small prints from time to time and display larger images!  For most homes, this means printing at 16 x 20 or bigger.

Now, I know, rules are meant to be broken.  And it’s h.a.r.d. to invest annually in larger pieces (aka Wall Art) that you’re pretty certain you’ll want to change out soon.  Along with just trying to narrow down your favorites from a session, it just seems so much easier to print a bunch of smaller images!  So, here’s my advice – choose a few statement images of each of your children to display at a larger size (remember the face at least the size of a fist rule).  Then, print a larger canvas collage with a few of your favorite images from a session.  For my home, I printed this at 16 x 20:

This gives me a larger statement piece that is the appropriate size for my walls while also helping me display several of my favorites since I couldn’t choose just one.  Additionally, since I only printed one canvas, the cost was lower and I won’t feel bad changing it out with updated pictures when the time comes (and it has come. and passed. Sorry that you aren’t in any family photos on the wall yet, Caleb 😉 ).  Huge shout out to Jessica Trimble for our family photos! Thanks, lady!

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– Nikki



  1. Jessica Trimble says:

    Love your beautiful family!!! <3

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