December 7, 2015

Remember to Video!

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[part of the Monday for Moms blog series – small tips and tricks that will make big changes in photos of your children]

Whoever said that a picture was worth a thousand words must not have been the mother of a two year old hurricane named Camden.

Let me paint you a little picture.

It’s Sunday morning.  The children are dressed in their best – button up shirts and ties to boot.  Both looking handsome as can be and quite grown up (which I might not have been totally been ok with…).  They’ve been practicing their recitation for the Christmas play at church for weeks.  Carter has memorized his perfectly and also knows Camden’s so that he can help him if he gets stuck.

Their turn arrives and Carter takes Camden by the hand, leads him onto the stage and begins his most perfect recitation to date.  Midway through, Camden grabs a microphone stand, pulls it over and the play director has to jump up and grab it to keep it from toppling over.  Camden then steps up to say his part, and baffled at the microphone amplification says, “Whoaaa.  This thing makes it LOUD!” and proceeds to laugh and make random noises into the microphone while Carter patiently whispers his part into his ear.  No dice, but good attempt at keeping your little brother on track, buddy!

No photo could have painted that story.  Luckily, I videoed instead. 🙂

I planned to have some photos to share with this post, but after said Hurricane Camden proceeded to roll down the center aisle rather than play his role in the Nativity scene as a camel, I wasn’t quite able to convince him to cooperate for a. single. picture.  Instead, enjoy a photo from a less-forceful-one-year-old Hurricane Camden. 😉

Wow! They’ve grown a lot in a year!


So friends, remember to video from time to time.  Capturing your kids in live action is just as important as photographing.

– Nikki

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