February 8, 2016

Love Awaiting | Birth Stories by Nvision Photography

Charlottesville Birth Photographer

If it seems like things have been a little slow around here lately, I can assure you that the complete opposite is true!  My radio silence is the result of some deep thinking, detailed planning, and exiting news!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce Nvision’s newest service – birth stories!

Here’s a short FAQ for wondering minds. ūüėČ

So…just what is a birth story?

A birth story is consists of photography coverage during labor and delivery Рfrom the beginning of active labor until 1-2 hours after birth.

How does that work?

First, an expectant mother needs to discuss photography options with their care provider. ¬†Some providers may have certain restrictions (that the¬†provider may not¬†be directly photographed, for example) or the delivery location may have stipulations to consider (like only one support person in the operating room in the case of a c-section). ¬†Once you’ve discovered any possible guidelines or restrictions from care providers, we discuss operating within those expectations and get together and get to know one another. ¬†Since everyone has different preferences and visions for their birth story, a questionnaire allows you the opportunity to express the nitty gritty details of your photography coverage. ¬†No matter your specific preferences, your birth photographer will stay in the background¬†during your labor and delivery and remain respectful and considerate of your birthing environment.

Since birth is an unpredictable event, my team is on call day and night during a 4 week window (typically between weeks 38 and 42 of your pregnancy). ¬†I am always the first photographer on call, but have back up in place when I’m photographing a wedding, have a familial obligation, or a personal emergency.

When should I book?

To assure each of my clients receive the best possible care and attention, I accept a limited number of births each month.  Schedule as soon as possible to ensure your delivery month!

Why should I have my birth story professionally photographed?

If I am 100% honest, I have to admit that I look back on the photos of my children’s birthdays more often than my own wedding images!!! ūüôā ¬†We hire a wedding photographer without second thought – and for good reason! ¬†The day is the most important day in your life up to that point and is the marking point of the official beginning of your family. ¬†If you’re a new mom, I’d like to assure you that the birthday of your precious bundle will trump that all important wedding day….hands. down. (Repeat mammas – you know what I’m saying!!) ¬†Labor and delivery is such a mind-blowing process and it’s easy to look back and realize you’ve forgotten the details after¬†working so hard to bring a new life into this world. ¬†The images from your birth story are awesome reminders of the sweat and tears that went into that special day. ¬†Sure, your support people could take a few snapshots for you, but they are often (and rightfully so!!) caught up in the moment and so many details are left out. ¬†Having gone through the process myself, (twice!) I know how important it is to have your partner and support people present and focused on helping and not responsible for documenting. ¬†Birth environments also have tricky lighting situations – from dim for mamma’s relaxation and focus all the way to bright spotlights for the OB during the actual delivery. ¬†Having a professional to navigate those tricky waters can make all the difference in the quality of these important memories.

Oh, and not only do I love looking back and remembering the birth stories of my children, but my kids also love looking at the images, too!

Where do you travel?

To ensure my clients the best service possible, I travel up to 1.5 hours from zip code 22827.

Have questions about birth stories?  Leave a comment or email me a .

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Nikki

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