May 2, 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

[part of the Tuesday for Travel blog series – reviews, recommendations, and stories based on our travels and excursions]

For the past couple years, Chris and I have tried to make a point to take at least one trip a year without the kids.  Although we end up missing them and talking about them constantly the whole time we’re gone, it is a good opportunity to refresh and recenter.  Marriage deserves that sort of attention every now and again – especially with busy, fast paced everyday lives.  Last March we took off to Charleston, South Carolina for the first time.  I left my camera in the room for most of the trip because it was HOT, we were walking everywhere, and I was hugely pregnant, but brought it out for our biggest excursions.

I don’t have any photos to share of the food, but OH the food.  I could have existed alone on She Crab Soup (I’m looking at you, Noisy Oyster!).  We tried several places, all of which we’d recommend. Amen Street, TOAST, Noisy Oyster (their house citrus salad dressing is perfection!), Fleet Landing, Low Country Bistro (my first experience with chicken & waffles may have set the bar too high – yum!). We are serial appetizer eaters, so we typically bounce from place to place sharing small bites just to get a sample of what everyone has to offer.

We did have a true dinner one night at Hank’s Seafood and it was spectacular.  We had to change rooms after dinner because ours had a water leak.  In the process of moving I moved my leftovers to the mini fridge in the new room first, because they were obviously my most valuable possession at that time.  Later, I opened the fridge for a snack and discovered they WERE GONE. I almost cried when I found out a housekeeper tossed them out because she thought they were leftover from the previous guest.  I’m not sure it it was the pregnancy hormones or if the salmon was literally that. good.

History is kind of our gig, so a trip to Fort Sumter was a must.  The boat ride over was a bit sketchy – it seriously felt like the boat was Civil War era along with the Fort remains, but we none the less enjoyed looking at the relics.

We came knowing we wanted to check out a plantation, but had no idea which one.  When we found out that Boone Hall Planation was the filming site of a few scenes from The Notebook it was a no brainer!

Walking through “Slave Street” was incredibly humbling.  They’ve converted these former slave quarters into a museum of sorts to document the horrors of slave living.

We LOVED Charleston. The history and food is A+++. The only downside is that it STINKS.  It literally smells like a fishbowl due to the way animals decompose in the water and every time the wind blows in from the water you get a not so lovely whiff.  The further from the water, the better it gets, but since we’re water dwellers we don’t want that.  Our final analysis is that this is a great place to visit, but we’d never make it our home for too long. 🙂

Where should we visit on our next excursion?  We love recommendations, and I love to hear from you! Comment below.

– Nikki



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