The touch of a hand, the twinkle in an eye, that instant you see your new baby for the very first time...
From the biggest moments to the tiny details, and everything in between, your birth story is one you'll want to relive and revisit time and time again.


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Nikki recently attended the birth of my daughter and photographed it. I can go on and on about how amazing she is. First thing I should note: I had my daughter in the middle of that gigantic snow storm we got and despite the conditions she still made it to my birth. Everyone raved about her presence there and her demeanor you could barely tell she was there which considering it was a birth is exactly what you need. The images she captured of myself while in labor, during delivery and then my family afterwards will be treasured forever. Any future births of mine will be photographed by Nikki without a doubt. I'm so excited to see the births she captures moving forward. If you're only *thinking* about getting a birth photographer stop thinking and DO IT. You will never regret the stunning images Nikki will get for you!

If you're only thinking about getting a birth photographer stop thinking and DO IT. 


Nikki captured the adventure that was our labor and birth with an eye beyond compare. Not only were the images beautiful they were invaluable when looking back on our experience to process all that happened over the course of those 2 days. Nikki was with us the whole time and from the moment she arrived she acted as more than a photographer. The experience of birth is an intimate one and by the time Aria arrived we felt we were sharing these beautiful moments with a treasured friend. Ours, as all births seem to be, was a magical and transformative (and not always beautiful) experience and she captured our story perfectly. I highly recommend you hire a photographer for your birth and if you do I'd recommend none other than Nvision Photography.

Our birth was a magical   experience and she captured our story perfectly.


I've been trying to find the words to describe what our birth story means to us but it simply can't be done. It’s absolutely beautiful!!! The only sadness I have is that I won't have this beautiful keepsake for all 4 of my girls - I wish I'd known about birth photography sooner!

our birth story is absolutely beautiful!


Nikki and her team gave our family the best gift with the birth pictures they captured. I will treasure these images forever. Quiet, peaceful, creative, gentle. Those are a few adjectives I can use to describe them as they work. So thankful. 

I will treasure these images forever.


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